January 8, 2015

Happy New Year!

I know we are a good week into the new year, and I know I haven't exactly put much down in the last two month (eeek!) but ... new year, new goals, right? Big priority? More writing.

The reason for the radio silence is just plain exhaustion mixed with a busy schedule! Oh, and the holidays always throw a giant wrench into any sort of stability, am I right? Then, there is also the giant writers block that has been looming over my head. I have had plenty of ideas and topics that I have been wanting to get down, but they either seem to extensive to finish, or not appropriate for this space. This is something I am working on. But regardless, it's been a great two months. I have so many posts to catch up on, including our travel adventures (Prague! Austria! PARIS!) and I am looking forward to actually getting some words on paper. Or, you know -- this space here!

But -- Happy New Year! I cannot believe that 2015 is already upon us. 2014 was a long, difficult year for us, for many reasons, so I know for certain that we are looking forward to a new beginning and a fresh start. I stopped making tangible resolutions sometime ago, but as in years past, I do want to continue to work on being a better, more positive and uplifting person as this year carries on, and to be more compassionate overall to those around me & in my life. I've taken a step back from some of my social media interactions, for the simple fact that it's sad to see so much animosity and downright hatred towards perfect strangers on so many different forums. Our society hides behind the walls of our computer screens, and as a result, we are so quick to attack others for things we don't agree with, or simply don't like. Compassion seems to be a thing of the past, and a true skill that I don't see many people in this world possessing anymore.

How much energy does it take to spew all that hatred in the form of words, when it would be easier to just ignore, walk away, block or unfollow? All that negativity -- it brings me down, man. (For the record, this isn't about anybody in particular. Just a trend I have been seeing. I mean, have you read the comments section of ANY news article lately? Stay. Away. From the comments. Always!) This is my mantra for 2015. You cannot have a positive life, living with a negative frame of mind. So whose with me?? Change your attitude, and I promise you will see a change to your life.

Aside from this, I have big plans for this year. More time for myself. Less guilt for doing so. A mission to be more creative on a more regular basis. Taking my business to the top. Being a better wife, a better mother, a better friend to those who have been good to me. Surrounding myself with more good than I know what to do with. Travel, travel, travel! Overall -- making this year simply amazing. What are your goals? Your plans? Are you a resolution maker? Or do you just try to live a certain frame of mind?

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