January 29, 2015

Prague, Czech Republic

Last November (ugh, I know), the family and I took off to Praque for a long weekend. We had a few days before M had to leave for another work trip, so we booked a hotel and made the four hour drive East to the Czech Republic!

What a BEAUTIFUL city.

Praque has, for the longest time, been a dream destination for me. There is something so fascinating about Eastern European culture, and the photos I had seen through the years were always so amazingly beautiful. I was excited to pack up and head over, exploring as much of the city as I could (and as two small children and a husband would allow!) The people were nice, loved kids (much different than Germany!) the food was excellent and the beer was great.

I was not disappointed, but I also have to say that two and a half days was not nearly enough time to see everything that I wanted to see. The city is large, and while we did see a great deal, we didn't see it all. But all that means is that a trip back is most definitely in order.

We stayed at a hotel about a mile from Old Town. We most likely could have stayed closer (well, yes -- we could have) but parking was a big thing for us, as we had heard multiple times that car theft was a big deal there. In an attempt to play it "better safe than sorry" we chose a hotel with a secure parking garage. Also, as it was our first overnight trip out of town, we weren't ready to tackle apartment living for a weekend! (We have since changed our minds about that!). It meant a little bit of a walk to see the things we wanted to see, but it also meant burning off the calories from all that yummy food!  The weather was a bit gloomy (as you can see from the photos) but not cold. We were able to walk around without jackets for the most part, which was nice. I would love to get back during the Spring when the weather is a little better, and get some prettier photos!

Charles Bridge. The Palace. Old Town. There were so many amazing things. Traveling with two small kids provides it's own challenges, but the kids were troopers being out and about most of the day in the stroller or carrier. On our way back down from the palace, we found these ahhhhmazing treats called Chimney Cakes and oooh man, you guys. I need to find these again because they were doughy, cinnamony, sugary goodness. Fresh off the oven that they cook them on, it was an awesome snack on our way back down the hill. 

Prague offers so many museums as well, another reason I want to get back. The Czech Republic has such a amazing history, and in the grand scheme of things hasn't been a democratic country for very long. But the people truly were amazing and helpful. I look forward to getting back before our time here is up!

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