About Me

Welcome! My name is Brittany, author & editor of Bohemian Transplant. 

If you have found me, I hope you will stick around. This site is a hodge podge of all things that are important to me. I am 33 years old and a born and raised Seattle girl, but in the summer of 2014, we packed up and moved to Deutschland. I have left my career in Public Relations behind me, and have focused on becoming a full-time stay at home mom to my two adorable albeit sometimes challenging boys. When it comes down to it, I love every minute of it -- when I am not pulling my hair out! Oh top of those, I am a wife to a loving husband, a photographer & aspiring artist at heart, with a twist of wanna-be-chef somewhere in the middle, and through it all, a woman who is continually trying to find her place in this world.

I started this blog four years ago as a way to branch out with new topics. I was writing a semi-successful blog, highlighting my plights early in our relationship, marriage & everything that comes with it. But then we started trying to have a baby, a process that turned out to be not so easy for us. After a miscarriage in January of 2009, suddenly talking about sperm counts and ovulation didn't seem so appropriate for all the people that I knew in my real life. Our miscarriage was followed by another year of trying to on our own before starting fertility treatments, we were blessed with our extremely handsome baby boy via IUI. Less than two years, via the same process, we welcomed our second baby boy into our family. Our infertility journey was simple compared to most, something that we are incredibly grateful for.

We officially closed the family planning chapter of our lives right as we found out we were moving abroad, so once again this blog has changed in direction. Living here has provided us with so many opportunities to travel and explore, and I am so excited to share all of those experiences with my readers, while also trying to stay sane while raising two boys and figuring out live as Americans abroad.

There may not be a lot of rhyme or reason to what you see here, but I am looking forward to sharing our stories and lessons learned, and I hope you will stick around.

If you feel that you have something that would be a perfect fit for this blog, please check out our submissions page. I am always looking for amazing things to highlight!